What is Crazy Horse Leather - The Beautiful Vintage Distressed Leather

 Crazy Horse Leather is full-grain leather of outstanding quality. Crazy Horse Leather is made from the thickest, toughest, and most durable full-grain cowhide, so it will last year’s even if used and abused. A full-grain cowhide will only look better as time goes on. Whole-grain cow leather is the strongest and most durable type of leather. The skin of the crazy horse is softer and easier to maintain than other kinds of animal skin, which appeals to many people. This kind of leather is widely used to make vintage leather bags, leather portfolios and organizers, leather bound journals, leather photo album books, passport covers, iPad and MacBook sleeves.

The wild horse comes in many grades, so make sure you're purchasing high-quality materials even though it doesn't have a particular sort of hide, like exotic skins, which are far more difficult to get. This article will assist in defining the meaning of coat patterns when purchasing this material and how wild horses acquire their elaborate colorations.

What is crazy horse leather:

What exactly is Crazy Horse leather, then? Full-grain Crazy Horse leather is created from cowhide. This confuses a lot of folks even more since they think it's some leather horse. The word "horse" in the name, however, actually refers to the Crazy Horse leather's customary use as saddle leather. "Crazy" describes how incredibly strong and durable leather is compared to other materials.

Full-grain leather from Crazy Horse is the best leather available. Full-grain leather is the pinnacle compared to other varieties like top-grain and corrected-grain leather. It has a lovely vintage aspect and is long-lasting, resilient to the elements, and durable.

How to care for crazy horse leather?

It would help if you took good care of your leather accessories, whether shoes, pencil cases, jackets, or duffel bags, as Crazy Horse leather is an investment. Even while Crazy Horse leather is significantly more resilient and long-lasting than other kinds of leather, this is only true if it receives the proper maintenance.

The following advice will help you take proper care of your Crazy Horse leather to preserve your investment and keep your leather goods looking their best:

·   If wet, quickly dry:

Even though Crazy Horse leather is weather resistant, keeping your belongings dry will keep them looking their best. Don't get alarmed if your Crazy Horse leather does get wet. Simply use a soft cloth to swiftly wipe off any extra water. After soaking up as much water as you can, let the area air dry rather than using a blow dryer to dry it. A leather conditioner should always be applied after the stain has completely dried.

·   Repetitive cleaning:

Crazy Horse leather should be cleaned frequently to keep it looking its best. Warm water and mild dish soap work best for cleaning Crazy Horse leather. Even harsher leather-specific cleansers could damage the color or texture of Crazy Horse leather.

Warm water should be diluted with a few drops of dish soap to clean a Crazy Horse leather product. To remove dust or light stains, gently massage the solution over the entire surface using a delicate microfiber cloth. After cleaning, let the leather completely dry before applying a leather conditioner.

·   Removal of stains:

Compared to other varieties of leather, Crazy Horse leather can discolor a little bit more easily. While this might seem like a major issue, cleaning stains from Crazy Horse leather is not that tough. Act swiftly to clean up any spills or stains on your items, whether they are your favorite jacket, a diary, or a leather photo album. Falls are more likely to leave a difficult stain when not immediately cleaned up.

Use a soft cloth and warm water to gently touch the stained area of your clothing to eliminate stains. Mix one or two drops of mild dish soap into the plain water if that isn't enough. Allow the Crazy Horse leather to dry after the stain has been removed completely. Finish the following day with a leather conditioner.

·   Conditioning:

Apply a leather conditioner after each cleaning of your Crazy Horse leather. (after the product has fully dried). Because part of the leather's natural oils can be lost while cleaning, conditioning the leather after cleaning is crucial. It could stiffen up or dry up as a result of this.

Applying a quality leather conditioner makes the leather soft and helps to hydrate it. Depending on use and weather, condition Crazy Horse leather up to four times a year, if not more.

·   Storage:

Never keep Crazy Horse leather in storage until it has had time to dry out completely. Once dry, you can keep your things in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area.

The Leather from a Crazy Horse for You

Use crazy horse leather to get the finest leather for your belts, wallets, and shoes. Given that it is handmade and not chemically processed, it is the most expensive leather on the market. If you take good care of your waxed leather products, they will last many years.

If the leather crazy horse bag is wet:

  • Use a soft leather cloth to clean it dry.
  • Avoid keeping your bag in a moist state.
  • To avoid mold or mildew before storing, wipe out any moisture.
  • Turn the bag inside-out or hang it to dry after it has been dried.
  • Never dry your bag with a hairdryer or other source of heat. The leather may break or harden if heat is applied.

About spills:

  • Blot up spills using a lightly wet cloth.
  • Avoid using cleaners or detergents on your Crazy Horse leather bag because doing so can fade the leather and potentially ruin its aesthetic appeal.
  • If necessary, gently scrape away any stains with a gentle toothbrush.

How to get rid of unwanted scratches?

  • To redistribute the wax layer, massage the scrape with a soft, dry cloth in a circular motion.
  • To restore leather to its original state after a deep scratch, apply leather wax.
  • To keep leather supple and lustrous, cream or wax should be used regularly.

Crazy horse leather bag special care

When properly maintained, your Crazy Horse leather bag can last a lifetime. Each bag has been made to age gracefully; since the leather is 100% genuine cowhide, it will change color with every scratch and dent, contributing to the imposing vintage appearance that your bags are known for. Only leather used for Crazy Horse bags has this unique capacity to change color while retaining the gorgeous antique gloss. The pack will become more beautiful as it ages, but we suggest occasionally treating it with leather cream or wax to keep it soft and shiny. You advise the following to make sure your bag can maintain its shape, luster, and attractiveness for a lifetime of use:

The leather should not be stretched

  • Don't keep too many items in the bag at once or for too long.
  • Don't store heavy objects for extended periods.
  • Don't stuff pockets too full.

How to keep the leather on your crazy horse soft and supple?

Before covering the entire bag, test a tiny portion. Some products can alter the color of the leather.

  • Using a soft, clean sponge, apply a thin, uniform layer of leather balm or leather wax on your bag.

  • Use a soft, dry leather cloth to remove any remaining balm (or wax) from the skin.

How to store your weird house leather bag

  • Keep your luggage in a spot that's clean and dry to protect it.

  • Before storing your bag, remove any moisture.

  • Before storing the bag, make sure it is DRY.

  • Empty the bag before storage for best results in keeping the form.

  • To store the bag for an extended period, we suggest placing it inside a nice cotton pillowcase. This will stop dust-related discoloration or bug infestation (always look for them after a trek!).

  • If you intend to keep your bag in storage for a long time, check it every three to four weeks. Check the bag every one to two weeks if you store it without emptying it first to prevent stretching or mildew.

What materials makeup Crazy Horse leather?

  • It contains all of the animal's original grain patterns. Apart from the hair, nothing else is taken from the coat, giving it a natural appearance. Because it hasn't been buffed to remove flaws, the leather of higher quality looks and feels nicer.

  • The peculiar distressed appearance of Crazy Horse leather is achieved through the use of a particular wax compound during the tanning process. Then, this leather is buffed to give it a distinctive texture and color. This also contributes to the material's resistance to water, grime, and scratches.

  • The fact that Crazy Horse leather changes with time is one of its primary qualities. The leather will naturally tarnish and change color depending on how it's used. Yes, there will be visible natural flaws like scratches, but it adds to its allure.

What Is the Popularity of Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy horse leather is a premium material gaining popularity among stylists worldwide. What is causing this increase in demand? Well, this type of vintage-looking strap meets most of the dating styles from decades ago!

Crazy Horse leather is among the most sought-after worldwide due to its handmade method and natural materials. And as we just indicated, it will age beautifully, acquiring a special patina over time. This gives each item a special appearance that will alter depending on how you use it, making it even more appealing to many individuals. In addition to being incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, Crazy Horse leather is renowned for its durability. It's challenging!

This sort of leather can only improve over time because, as you can see, the vintage and retro trends are at their height! Additionally, it is very durable, making it ideal for meeting those needs while maintaining its fashionable integrity throughout all ages.

Crazy horse leather is the perfect choice for products subjected to hard use due to the combination of these qualities. It is frequently used in products where both design and durability are essential, such as work boots or fashion accessories.

How to Use Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse leather can be used for a variety of other things. It was mostly employed to make saddles, as we already explained. Because Crazy Horse leather can endure much abuse, saddles are still fashioned from it today. This guarantees that even under intensive use, your harness will last many years.

Numerous accessories are made from crazy horse leather. Shoes, belts, phone covers, and wallets made of Crazy Horse leather are all readily available. Furniture upholstery also uses this leather. Due to its longevity, it is perfect for use in busy spaces like offices and restaurants.

By far, purses and backpacks are the products made from Crazy Horse leather that are most in demand! This is so because people adore how this leather feels and looks and appreciate how strong it is. Today's market is flooded with Crazy Horse leather bags of various shapes and sizes, including duffel and laptop bags.

Leather & Crazy Horse Leather Comparison

How does it stack up against other materials, though? In this section, we'll go over all the benefits and drawbacks of Crazy Horse leather compared to different types of leather and fabrics.


  • Crazy Horse leather is unmatched in terms of tensile strength. It is far more durable than regular leather. This results from the tanning process, which treats it with a unique wax composition. The wax covers any flaws in the hide, increasing its durability.

  • Of course, it is remembered to mention the full-grain leather's inherent durability! It is the portion of the hide that is most enduring and robust. In comparison to other materials, it also has a significantly longer lifespan.

  • Water-repellent Crazy Horse leather is also available. Another benefit of traditional leather is this. Your goods will remain dry even in the hardest rain since the wax layer repels water. Regular leather will start to degrade after absorbing water and will eventually begin to split and come apart.

  • Crazy Horse leather differs from conventional leather in many ways than just its water resistance. Additionally, it is far more stain-resistant. The wax coating acts as a barrier, keeping stains from permeating the material's surface. So Crazy Horse leather is a terrific option if you're searching for a material that will look good for years.


  • The appearance is one of the biggest contrasts. As we've already explained, crazy horse leather has an oiled finish and a more natural appearance because it's composed of full-grain cowhide.

  • Additionally, it has had the least processing, so its inherent qualities, including strength, remain. As a result, it has a rustic aspect, which may be rather endearing. With all the natural markings and scratches, each piece of crazy horse leather is distinctive and has a narrative.

  • The sensation is the other major distinction. Crazy Horse leather has a more textured feel than standard leather, which is frequently considerably smoother. This is because ordinary leather can sometimes be made from less expensive split-grain cowhide, but Crazy Horse leather is always crafted from full-grain cowhide.


  • Crazy Horse leather is extremely water and stain resistant, as we've already indicated. Because of this, you won't have to worry about keeping it dry and clean. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a moist towel.

  • That does not, however, imply that you should completely disregard it. It will ultimately show signs of wear and tear, just like any leather goods. It would help if you gave it tender, loving care at this stage.

  • Regular leather must be conditioned every few months to prevent drying out and cracking. The wax finish on Crazy Horse leather necessitates even more meticulous maintenance. Treat the wax once every two months to prevent it from drying out and losing its ability to withstand water.


  • Crazy Horse leather is unquestionably on the more expensive end of the price spectrum. This is because it is a premium material created from premium full-grain cowhide. Expect to spend extra for it because it is more expensive and has a longer lifespan than regular leather.

  • On the other hand, standard leather is mass-produced and has a wide range of quality. Due to its handcrafted nature and high level of consistency in quality, Crazy Horse leather is more expensive.

  • However, you think that the additional expense is justified given all of the advantages Crazy Horse leather offers. Crazy Horse leather is worth the money if you're seeking a material that will last you a lifetime.

Pros of using Crazy Horse leather 

  • Crazy Horse leather is long-lasting and sturdy, with a special appearance and feel that blends modern elegance with vintage air. Waxing leather provides protection and increases its longevity.

  • Crazy horse leather is distinguished by its ability to age gracefully and acquire a distinctive patina. The leather's natural patina gives each item its distinctive hue over time. Because of this, each piece of crazy horse leather has a unique look and feel that further enhances its overall appeal and character.

  • Crazy horse leather also has a long lifespan. When the wax is applied to leather, it forms a barrier that protects the material from water and wear and tear. Since bags, wallets, and belts get a lot of wear and tear, crazy horse leather is a popular material choice.

    crazy house leather used at handmade industry


Among natural leathers, Crazy Horse leather stands out without a doubt. It is distinctive, fashionable, and, with proper maintenance, has a long lifespan. You will understand why Crazy Horse leather is worth your attention even though it is not as widely available as other options after you have your hands on any Crazy Horse leather products. It is incredibly durable, and many people adore its rustic appearance. If you intend to purchase any leather goods soon, try Crazy Horse leather; you won't be dissatisfied. Remember that Crazy Horse leather represents an investment, so treat it right.

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