Vintage Duffle Bags

You can't go wrong with the classics. We have spent years studying the craftsmanship of old and developing our own techniques to offer you the best quality vintage duffle bags. Crafted from the finest materials. It's the quality that matters. The texture. The design. If you love vintage from the depth of your heart, you'll love our collection of vintage duffle bags.

Experience the charm of vintage with our duffle bags

Vintage things have a unique charm that cannot be suppressed with anything else. The feelings of nostalgia, raggedness, and roughness exude from every crevice of the objects, playing with your mind and senses continuously. We have tried to incorporate the same in our vintage duffle bags.

Crafted with accuracy and precision, our duffle bags are based on the vintage style which was once common during the 80s and 90s. For example, you will find our brown leather bags with black wash marks on the surface, just like the vintage bags used to be. Similarly, our canvas bags have a dull and matte base color with brown or beige straps to signify the vintage style.

Leather and canvas play in harmony

Our incredible collection of vintage duffle bags consists of leather and canvas materials to ensure you can get the best accessory according to your needs. Furthermore, we ensure maximum flexibility for our customers because some may like leather for its classiness while others may prefer canvas due to its toughness and higher durability. Apart from the versatility in material options, we also give you a diverse collection of colors and designs to match your style quotient.

Find the best vintage bag at an affordable rate

All our vintage bags are of the highest quality that you won’t find anywhere in the market. We have used pure leather, and the canvas is sourced from certified factories. Yet we do not compromise with the price because our goal is to offer everyone the luxurious experience of using a vintage duffle bag.

So, if you are intrigued by learning more about our vintage duffle bag collection or discover more vintage bags, our website will welcome you with open arms.

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