Luxury Travel Bags

The finest materials and traditional craftsmanship come together to carefully craft a collection of luxury travel bags that are aesthetically appealing, all while maintaining functionality. The intricate design details that go into each bag - from the waxed canvas to premium leather, make every piece unique. And as they age, they get better!

While travelling, LeatherNeo's travel bags play an important role as it lets you store all your necessary items in the bag, in a more organised manner.

LeatherNeo's luxury travel bags

LeatherNeo has a wide range of bags, ranging from school backpacks, handbags, travel bags and much more. There are several options available in the list of travel bags, the option depends and varies as per your travel and requirements. LeatherNeo has an amazing collection of leather travel bags, canvas leather travel bags, weekend travel bags, duffle bags and much more. Some of the specifications of LeatherNeo's luxury travel bags are as follows.

  • Material: At LeatherNeo, choosing the best material for your travel bag is the priority for the manufacturers. We try to deliver the best quality travel bag to the customers so that it makes their travelling experience much better.
  • Uniqueness: While making a travel bag, the manufacturers try to stay minimal with the designs. This makes the bag more available and useful for anyone at any time.
  • Space: LeatherNeo designs a travel bag, keeping the requirement of customers in the mind. After the material and design, space plays an important role because of which there are multiple pockets made inside the travel bag.
  • Looks: While making a travel bag, LeatherNeo focuses on the quality of the material as well as on the look too. The fabric is smooth and the looks of the travel bag are luxurious as well as it has a supple texture.
  • Affordable: LeatherNeo tries to understand your budget and so the products manufactured at the company are good in looks, good in quality as well as are affordable. The reasonable price makes the travel bags from LeatherNeo more in demand and a favourite of all times.
  • Weight and size: You can find a variety of travel bags at LeatherNeo which are available in different sizes. If you talk about weight, then according to the material used, and the size of the bag, weight is as minimal as it can be.

Why LeatherNeo?

LeatherNeo is one of the best companies, manufacturing the best quality bags at affordable prices. Some of the advantages of shopping from LeatherNeo are as follows.

  • At LeatherNeo, you can find water-resistant travel bags which will protect your stuff.
  • The bags at LeatherNeo are Meticulously stitched.
  • LeatherNeo's luxury travel bags are handcrafted at the store of LeatherNeo.
  • The travel bags are spacious and can hold stuff like books, clothes, DSLR, folding umbrellas and much more at the same time.
  • The bags are lighter in weight with longer life.

Pick the best one as per your need. LeatherNeo will not let your expectations down so buy and try.

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