Men's Weekend Bags

Whether you are going on a getaway, a camping trip, or on a quick business trip, these men's weekend bags will have everything you need. With room for clothes, shoes, toiletries and more – all of your items will stay organized and secure. They not only look good but are built tough too.

Weekend bags at LeatherNeo for men

Weekend bags are also known as weekender or weekend cases. LeatherNeo's weekend bags idealise its name, and it's a perfect weekend case to be carried along. You can find a variety of Men's weekend bags, these are available in duffel bags or duffle suitcases with wheels on the website. The bags are spacious enough to hold your necessary items ranging from your clothes, shoes, DSLR, books and much more at the same time. Some of the unique features of Men's weekend bags are as follows.

  • Quality: The quality material used in making your weekend bag, is the best quality which will let it last forever.
  • Carry: You can carry the weekend bag with the adjustable straps available or you can prefer holding it from the handles. In some of the weekend bags, wheels are also available which makes them much easier to be carried.
  • Looks: The bags available at LeatherNeo are not only of good quality and durability but they are also good in looks. The kind of finish our bags have makes them look more classy while you carry them.
  • Versatile: The design and the size of the weekend bags are so versatile that you can use them for a gym, a mini vacation or for other purposes.
  • Compartments: LeatherNeo's weekend bags for men has two large compartments where you can store several items as per your needs.

Why do buy Leather weekend bags from LeatherNeo?

LeatherNeo has been providing the best quality bags to its customers. The wide range of weekend bags available on the website makes it easier to choose the perfect one for yourself. The affordable price makes the LeatherNeo bags an ideal option for gifting it to your loved ones as well as you can enjoy the lightweight quality too in these weekend bags.

At LeatherNeo, the fabric used in making weekend bags or any other category of bags is of the best quality available in the market. Another reason to choose LeatherNeo is that the colour of our bags doesn't fade, and our bags are fashionable and affordable. You can also find a variety of colour options in the bags available for different purposes like going to school, college, office, weekend trips and for many other occasions. The LeatherNeo bags are a perfect choice for people of all age groups, they can be used by students, adults and whosoever wants to use them.

Confused regarding buying a bag? Check out LeatherNeo's website and the variety of options will let you decide and choose the best one for yourself.

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