Vintage briefcases

Our vintage-inspired range of high quality leather briefcases and canvas briefcases will make sure you're ready for your next workday. Vintage briefcases are perfect for people who like to have something unique and different from others. But, their functionality and performance remain the same as a standard briefcase. 

Vintage will always have a special place in the fashion industry

Over time, several new fashion styles have been introduced to the market, yet the vintage style will never lose its charm and beauty. The nostalgia of the 80s and 90s makes the vintage style more popular and cherished. Besides, the rustic look of our briefcases in our store will help you easily present yourself as a fashion diva and stand out in the crowd.

Canvas and leather can both have a vintage style.

People usually believe vintage style is best when paired with premium materials like metals, leather, etc. But we would beg to differ because our vintage briefcase collection has products made from both leather and canvas. We know it can be quite surprising for many, and that’s our purpose- to disrupt the mainstream use of leather materials for vintage briefcases and introduce another sustainable and affordable raw material known as canvas.

Canvas is made from cotton and PVC, featuring a plain weave pattern that increases the material's overall strength and makes it more durable and long-lasting. Canvas bags are hard to tear or damage. That is why we have included canvas briefcases in our collection so that you can have the option to choose between a premium material like leather or rugged canvas briefcases.

Vintage briefcase - the perfect weapon to present yourself uniquely

Use our vintage briefcase to present yourself in a way that can leave everyone stunned and surprised, albeit in a good way. Visit our shop and explore the collection of vintage briefcases to learn more about their features and how we have maintained the style statement within such an affordable range.

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