Refillable Leather Journals

LeatherNeo's handmade personalized refillable leather journals are all crafted from full grain leather and hand stitched to a journal cover or binder notebook style. Our refillable leather journals are completely custom made to A5, B5 or large A4 size to meet your different needs!

Reusable Journals

Made from genuine leather and designed with practicality in mind, each journal is handcrafted to have a durable yet light weight finish. Our journals have refillable paper and can be used indefinitely without being discarded or tossed away.

A5 Refillable Journal

Our most popular size! Each journal can be customized to fit A5 size paper and notebooks. You can easily slip our a5 refillable journals between your book and coffee mug, or safely fit it into your backpack or work laptop bag. Plus, be used to organize your life and daily thoughts. These beautifully smooth reusable journals will not only be an illustration of your deep thought and life's feelings, but also a place to put together anything that you want to remember. LeatherNeo's handcrafted refillable leather journals are all sturdy, practical and refillable in design.

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