Women's Weekend Bags

Planning a weekend getaway? Designed to carry the wardrobe essentials for your trip without being too bulky or heavy, our women's weekend bags will make your travel experience easier and more enjoyable. And with so many designs and colors to choose from, they are sure to match whatever outfit you decide to wear!

Women's weekender bags at LeatherNeo

A weekend bag or a weekender holds the perfect size to carry the necessary items on your weekend trip. Let's know about some of the features of weekend bags.

  • Unisex: The LeatherNeo's weekend bags are designed with unisex quality which makes them perfect to be carried out by both men and women. Investing in such a weekend bag would be a great idea, as not only you but also other people at your place can use the bag.
  • Space: The weekend bags aren't too big or too small, they hold the perfect space to carry all the important items. LeatherNeo's Weekender has two large compartments where you can organise all your stuff. In the bag, you can carry your clothes, accessories, 15-inch Macbook, phones, books and much more.
  • Material: The bags of LeatherNeo are made up of soft and smooth leather also the leather is genuine, and sourced from a highly reputed tannery. The material of the bag plays an important role as the look as well as the life of the bag depends on the material. If you use good quality material then surely the bag would last for years and that's why the weekend bags from LeatherNeo can be used by you for a longer time.
  • Size: The size of the weekend bag is something that distinguishes it from other categories of bags. A weekend bag is idolised based on its size, so while you are buying a weekender do keep in mind that it's neither too small nor too large to carry for a weekend. LeatherNeo's weekend bag is approximately 42 x 28 x 15 cm in size with respective Length x Height x Thickness.
  • Weight: A weekender already gets heavy when you put in your stuff, carrying the heavy bag would make it more heavier and uncomfortable to carry. Who wants to get tired of holding their heavy bags? LeatherNeo has designed a bag that weighs approximately 1.48 KG. Different weekend bags have different weights, but none of them is heavier because we keep your comfort in mind while manufacturing the products.
  • Trolly: The weekender bags at LeatherNeo are manufactured for your comfort and so in some of our duffle weekend bags you can also find wheels. This makes it easier to be carried on a weekend, so no more letting your hands and shoulders lift the weight.
  • Price: The bags at LeatherNeo aren't too expensive, anyone can afford them. The prices are very reasonable as per the quality you receive.

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