25+ Creative Sketchbook Drawing Ideas

Always practise proportions, perspective, value, and composition when drawing. Drawing is fun. When you have nothing to write, you can get stuck. You can draw one a day, go through the list, or pick and choose. Use this list as a daily drawing prompt.

How do I fill my sketchbook?

Sketchbooks ideas help artists who don't know what to draw. Having nothing to draw might make sketchbooks scary. Everyone's faced a blank page. They've found inventive methods to fill sketchbooks despite my perfectionism.

How can I come up with what to sketch in my notebook?

Select one sketchbook drawing ideas, follow the list in sequence, or pick and choose!

1. The Scene in the Park

    Parks' natural beauty can inspire creativity. Sketch the scenes as one the sketchbook ideas that attract you around the park or snap images of monuments, benches, and other spots.

    2. A hot air balloon.

    Hot air balloons are gorgeous and whimsical sketchbook drawing ideas. There are lots of photos online if you don't see one in the wild.

    3. Selfie

    Take a selfie or practice self-portraiture by drawing a likeness in front of a mirror and this is one of the sketchbook cover ideas.

    4. A leaf

    In the fall, leaves fall to the ground, and in the spring and summer, you may observe them on trees. Pick up a few unique leaf silhouettes to sketch.

    5. Cycle

      Like learning to ride a bike, which is a skill you never forget, try drawing a bike to see whether the same holds. 

      6. Hedgehog

      Hedgehogs are cute spiky animals found in New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

      7. A baseball and a glove for playing the game

        They were given this realistic sketching and shading exercise with a simple #2 pencil back in high school.

        8. A Fruit Bowl

          Sketchbook drawing ideas includes bananas, oranges, apples, or grapes .

          9. Tropical Fish

          Easy-to-draw ideas abound in the form of tropical fish, and you can pick between an angelfish, a clownfish, or a butterflyfish.

          10. High-Rise Buildings

          Sketch a local town or famous skyscrapers like the Bank of China Tower, Taipei 101, or Chrysler Building.This is one of the sketchbook ideas. 

          11. Dragon

            Artists love dragons. Sketchbook drawing ideas includes a Chinese dragon, a knight-riding dragon, or a marshmallow-toasting dragon.

            12. Keys

            You can release your inner artist if you doodle some keys. You can either sketch a skeleton or a modern key or use a real key to your home or handbag as a model.

            13. Volcano

            Did you ever get to view a real-life volcano? They make for great art topics, even if you've only seen them in movies or photos.

            14. Sailing Vessel

            You may find sailboats in marinas and lakes, and the sails on these vessels can be decorated with a wide variety of eye-catching patterns.

            15. Bear

              Please illustrate your pick of a bear (whether it be a teddy, brown, or grizzly).It is one of the sketchbook drawing ideas.

              16. Cumulus

              Going outside, laying on a blanket in a yard or park, and watching the clouds pass by are great ways to get some sketching inspiration when you're stuck.

              17. Member of the Family

              A portrait sketch can be created by having a friend or family member sit for you or by using a photograph of a person you know as a reference.

              18. Shark

                About sharks, people have nothing to say. They're found in the ocean, have massive canines, and are often exciting subjects for artists as one of the sketchbook cover ideas.

                19. Feather

                It's fun to sketch birds of a feather. Either in the style of an icon or by attempting a realistic feather drawing.

                20. T-Shirt

                If you look around your closet, you're bound to find a tee shirt that would look fantastic illustrated and this is one of the sketchbook ideas.

                21. The Kitchen

                While the kitchen is a natural spot to sketch for an insight into your daily life, it is often disregarded and you can take this one of the sketchbook drawing ideas.

                22. Satellite

                  A satellite, which is always in orbit above Earth, can be used to practice drawing geometric lines because it has a lot of unique shapes and it is one of the sketchbook cover ideas.

                  23. A Penguin

                  Penguins are marine birds that like cold environments. They can't fly, but they swim like the fish they are!

                  24. A Sketch of a Fashion

                    Create fashion sketches based on your ideas or those you've gleaned from the works of renowned designers as this is one of the sketchbook drawing ideas.

                    25. Exoplanets

                    Since you'll probably never see one in real life, you can make it appear like anything.

                    26. A Pirate Ship

                    Hello, Sailors! Sketches of pirate ships, whether realistic or cartoonish, are fun to do as this is one of the sketchbook cover ideas

                    27. Skateboard

                    Skateboarding can be daunting, but sketching one is a lot less of a challenge.

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