Women's Canvas Travel Bags

LeatherNeo's collection of high-quality canvas travel bags are for women who enjoy the outdoors. No matter what your style or preference, we've got just the right size to pack your essentials, stay stylish on any occasion, and make it through airport security with ease.

Everyone needs a travel bag at some point in time, whether you travel for two days or travel for 2 weeks; a travel bag is a must-have. Looking at your variety of needs in travel bags, LeatherNeo has been manufacturing the best quality canvas travel bags.

Women's canvas travel bags at LeatherNeo

LeatherNeo has a variety of canvas travel bags ranging from canvas backpacks, duffle bags, weekend bags and many more. You can also find large travel laptop bags briefcases, crisscross bags, and messenger bags at LeatherNeo which can let you choose the best one as per your need. Now you might be thinking about the qualities of canvas travel bags, right? Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Unisex: Most of the travel bags designed at LeatherNeo has the quality of being unisex. This means the bag can be used by you, your partner, or anyone else who needs it.
  • Rust proof: The metal accessories that are used in the travel bag are 100% rust proof. This lets your travel bag look perfect even if you look at it years later.
  • Straps: The straps of your travel bag are completely adjustable and because of this it becomes more flexible and easier to carry.
  • Spacious: LeatherNeo's canvas travel bags have multiple chains and pockets inside the bag. Because of this quality you can store and organise all your stuff in a much better way.
  • Material: In the canvas bags, 100% organic cotton canvas is used. This makes the quality of the canvas bag much better and lets it last longer.
  • Weight: Who doesn't looks for the weight element in a bag? Almost everyone does. Because buying a heavy travel bag may cause many problems so to avoid them, LeatherNeo manufactures lightweight travel bags.

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