Men's Canvas Travel Bags

You don't have to sacrifice style for functionality with our collection of men's canvas travel bags. Striving to bring stylish canvas bags to the world, our bags make traveling effortless wherever you roam.

Men's canvas travel bags at LeatherNeo

At LeatherNeo you can find a variety of travel bags such as canvas travel bags, leather travel bags, personalized bags, and much more. The most unique features of LeatherNeo's canvas travel bags are as follows.

  • Pockets: LeatherNeo's travel bags have Interior as well as exterior lined pockets. The multiple pockets inside the bag let you arrange all the stuff in an organiezd manner. You can store different items in different sections and pockets, in this way you will not be confused or lose any small thing.
  • Size and weight: On average, a basic travel bag size available at LeatherNeo in terms of Length x Height x Thickness is 54 x 28 x 28 cm respectively. The weight is approximately 1.15KG depending on the different types of bags. If we observe the size and the weight of the bag, we will find that it is very much suitable for everyone.
  • Storage: A regular-sized travel bag can store books, clothes, folding umbrellas, shoes, wallets, mobile phones and much more at the same time. Because of the multiple pockets, you can store different items in different pockets as per their size and requirement. In this way the men's canvas travel bags let you store all the important items that you mind need on a weekend trip.
  • Material: The best quality materials are used to make your travel bag. Whether it is the canvas or the leather used in the bag, all are made and handcrafted at LeatherNeo's store.

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