What Is Bicast Leather?

Bicast leather has a grainy appearance due to embossing, giving it a more leather-like appearance. In addition, it has a smoother texture and is slightly stiffer than premium leather.

Bicast leather is a product of contemporary technology that allows the leather to be divided into several layers. The best quality of the leather is the top grain. Therefore, bicast leather is made from the remaining bottom layers. This by-product would be useless if it were not coated with polyethylene. 

Bicast leather: what is it?

As you can see, full leather can be divided into several hides. Full-grain leather is strong and durable because it is made from the outermost layer of the hide. After removing the top grain, the remaining skin becomes a by-product, but it is a strong and practical by-product. Bicast leather is made by bonding these thin hides with a polyethylene coating.

Originally intended for the fashion industry, Bicast leather eventually became an excellent choice for furniture designers. Nowadays, leather sofa covers, leather slipcovers, and sofa covers are made of them. It is also called laminated leather. A leather base and embossed vinyl or polyurethane upholstery are combined to form bicast leather, also known as bicast or bicast, which is a shiny, shiny leather material. This substance was developed in response to the apparel industry's need for a brighter, more affordable alternative to leather footwear. Since then, it has been used for many other clothing items besides footwear, for example, furniture upholstery. Here's what you need to know about bicast leather:

Bicast leather manufacturing

The rawhide must first be divided into layers and the top grain removed to make bicast leather. The remaining layers are then divided, depending on the thickness of the skin, until only a thin bottom layer remains. A layer of polyurethane that is surfaced and then embossed to look like genuine leather is then used to cover this bottom layer, which lacks the durability and organic beauty of the top grain layer. Laminated leather or bonded leather are other names for bicast leather. This material is also known as synthetic leather in some regions.

A similar manufacturing process produces PU leather, sometimes referred to as vegan leather or "polyurethane leather," which is a fully synthetic product. An outer coating layer is applied to a blend of synthetic polymers to make PU leather. This product cannot be sold or advertised as leather as it does not contain natural hides.

  • Quality

Bicast leather is made up of both the hide it is made from and the synthetic polyurethane layer, as it is only half of the genuine leather. It does not take naturally age over time like genuine leather. It lacks strength and is less breathable than natural leather when used in footwear. With only 6-8 months of typical use and abuse, bicast leather used for furniture tends to break down and crack. On the other hand, genuine leather furniture can last for 25 to 40 years.

  • Appearance

Bicast leather can closely mimic natural leather in appearance. Due to the conformability of the split-layer vinyl liner, it can be embossed to resemble the top grain of genuine leather and has most excellent stability and shine than most natural leathers.

Unfortunately, the fabric loses its beauty with time and use, developing unsightly cracks, rough spots, and tears that can only be corrected by completely replacing the cover. Although laminated leather has a smooth, shiny surface when new, with use, this appearance changes and begins to show signs of wear very quickly.

  • How do you know if it's not genuine leather?

There are many ways to differentiate it from genuine leather. Bicast leather furniture may initially look like leather, but you will soon find it behaves very differently. Here's how to tell them apart:

  • Genuine leather is incredibly flexible

If you tighten it by hand, it will come loose and return to its original position. It also gains richness and shines with repeated applications. In contrast, bicast leather does not acquire such softness or patina over time.

  • Chemical smell

Bicast leather upholstery may initially have a distinctive chemical smell, but this quickly fades. However, after exposure to air, the smell may not disappear for a week.

  • The grain looks absolutely flawless

There are many variations in the grain, and genuine leather never looks the same. Although there are many color options for bicast leather, and it initially appears to be real leather, the grain can actually be much longer. The surface has a homogeneous appearance thanks to the consistent grain pattern.

How does it work?

The thick finish film adds a degree of strength. BLC has tested various bicast furniture for use in furniture and found that the tear resistance of bicast is generally better than that of conventionally finished split leather. This feature has made possible the successful use of bicast in furniture stress areas, such as seats and backs, where normally finished partitions often fail. According to our tests, some bicasts do not have the necessary bending resistance. We have found that those with foam topcoats are particularly more prone to failure than those with solid topcoats. It looks like the bubbles on the surface open up when the topcoat is pulled and bent. Also, when the finish is exposed to oil during dirt resistance testing, the finish sometimes swells and becomes slightly soft.

Interestingly, one of the most common customer concerns about Bicast products is that the finish becomes sticky when your head and hands touch it. The finish appears to be practically "poured" when viewed in cross-section. Oil, whether applied as a "leather conditioning" treatment or produced by the leather itself, can have adverse effects and destabilize the finish.

Is it leather?

Bicast products have a much thicker finish film than a split with traditional finishes. In accordance with British Standard BS 2780, Glossary of Leather Terms, the surface layer of genuine leather should not exceed 0.15mm in thickness. The finish must be called "coated leather" if it exceeds 0.15 mm. According to our research, many bicast products, some with coatings up to 0.4mm thick, meet these criteria. These should not be called leather, as that would be incorrect in the eyes of a trading standards officer.

How to clean a leather sofa

What to avoid:

For starters, never use oil or wax to clean Bicast leather furniture. Adverse reactions of these items with the polyurethane top coating will cause your sofa to stick. Also, you should avoid sitting on it when sweating, as it may damage the surface.

  • Don't cut corners with the shield.

The first thing you should do after buying a Bicast leather sofa or slipcover is to apply a protector to it. It's a simple product that you can buy online from anywhere.

  • Cleaning once a week

Every week, clean your bicast leather with a delicate microfiber cloth to keep it shiny. This way, there will be no accumulation of dirt or dust.

  • Bicast Cleaners

Bicast cleansers are specially designed for the care of this type of skin. They can be used to remove oils which, if not removed quickly, can cause cracks in the polyurethane topcoat.

Why is bicast leather beneficial?

Long before the start of the fashion industry as we know it, humans used leather as fabric to make clothing and accessories. Almost every society throughout history has used it, and they all have a reason for doing so. Leather is an excellent material to protect the human body or objects as it is comfortable and durable.

  • Tolerance

Especially if it is of good quality, leather has a very long lifespan. In general, leather producers want to get the most out of their leather by treating it in a way that increases its strength and durability. Although higher-quality leather goods may cost more, you can almost always be sure that they will last for years and still look great. 

  • Eternal

While we talk about durability, we also have to talk about timeless fabric leather. Leather goods are always in fashion and are a symbol of stability and respect for solid foundations. Because the leather has established itself as a fabric that never goes out of fashion, it is impossible to argue that making it exceptionally durable is futile.

  • Style

Particularly popular material is leather. Leather always lends a certain level of quality to any design, whether natural or colored. Leather makes everything look tough: leather handbags are better than plastic ones, and leather pants look tougher than cotton ones. You should wear a leather jacket if you plan to fight in a bar. Despite the jokes, leather still looks great and represents an appreciation of strength, naturalness, and elegance. The fact that the same can be said through the clothes you wear and the accessories is truly amazing. Your leather goods will still be useful because genuine leather will not peel or tear. It is important to note that genuine leather products, whether clothing or accessories, may have minor imperfections or marks. Do not panic; This is a sample of high-quality leather that is not synthetic and should be evaluated.

  • Facilitate

Leather being a natural material, we do not recommend any synthetic leather (with a few exceptions, of course). It is always necessary to have items made from natural materials because when it comes to our clothes, we have to interact with natural materials. Wearing natural clothes will make you feel better physically and mentally than wearing synthetic clothes, which may make you feel worse because they are foreign substances to your body and are not intended for human use, even if you never feel it or can ever do it. Establish direct links.

  • Quality

In addition to being durable, leather generally retains its quality over time. The leather is partially waterproof, can withstand fire if treated, and is abrasion resistant when dry. Unlike other materials, leather is also immune to fungus and mite infestation. Because the leather is lint and dust free, it will still look and feel great even if you don't give it special care. We recommend buying leather travel bags because you need a durable container for your belongings while traveling. When you're running for a bus, the last thing you want is for your weekend bag to break.

  • Future pocket saver

You may think that leather bags are expensive, which can make you hesitate when making a purchase. However, a little maths will convince you that spending the money on a premium Bicast leather bag will result in long-term financial savings compared to buying a lesser quality bag at a lower cost. Well, if you buy our Amsterdam briefcase for €485 and use it for the next 10 years (although more likely if you take good care of the leather), it only costs you €48.5 per year. Additionally, there is a charge of €0.2 per day if you use it five days a week for a total of around 230 working days. So for a savvy consumer, it's definitely not an expensive purchase and well worth it. Otherwise, you'll only have to replace your cheap bag once a year, making it more expensive over time.

  • Elegant and stylish

The first thing that everyone can agree on is the distinctive class and elegance of leather bags. You're sure to feel like the most stylish person in the entire boardroom, during your commute, and everywhere in between when you're carrying a premium leather briefcase, whether it's navy, red, or simply black. Timeless. For example, consider a handcrafted laptop backpack with exquisite details that you can wear comfortably for your daily commute. Of course, you would expect a sophisticated-looking laptop bag to be timeless, right?

Difference between bondage, impure and genuine:

When researching leather products, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the different varieties of leather available on the market. Therefore, you need to consider the leather variation depending on the type you choose or the features you want in your leather goods.

  • Cost variances

When comparing these three varieties of leather, one of the biggest differences will be the price. Since genuine leather is difficult to manufacture, it will be the most expensive type of leather. On the other hand, faux leather is more expensive than bonded leather but less expensive than genuine leather. Because it is the thinnest, made from scrap leather, and bonded to a thin paper backing, bonded leather is the least expensive of all leathers.

  • Durability difference

Since genuine leather does not tear or peel over time, it has excellent durability. Genuine leather will develop a patina on its surface rather than wear down over time. Although not as durable as genuine leather, synthetic leather, also known as PU leather, will be more flexible than bond leather. In addition to tearing and cracking easily over time, PU leather is not breathable. Unlike bonded leather, PU leather resists stains and fading. Bonded leather can easily scratch, peel or flake over time because it's made by mixing recycled leather scraps and polyurethane bonded to a paper backing. In addition, bonded leather can fade in the sun and has a short lifespan.

  • Differences in appearance and texture

Although there are few color possibilities and variable textures, genuine leather will look more authentic. Unlike faux leather, genuine leather is soft and velvety to the touch. Although it sometimes looks artificial and synthetic, the texture of PU leather is consistent. The closest imitation of real leather would be PU leather, which sometimes can even look like real leather. However, bonded leather will be the easiest to identify because it will appear more synthetic and thinner than most imitations and genuine leather. Genuine leather doesn't come in a wide range of colors or styles, but bonded leather and PU leather can.

  • Stability variations

Since genuine leather is not a vegan material, this may put some customers off. Genuine leather is generally more expensive to produce and more complex to manufacture. Although PU leather requires fewer resources to manufacture, plastics are less environmentally friendly because they do not break down. However, 100% PU leather is a great option if you are looking for vegan leather. Although using scraps and leftover fibers from genuine leather production makes bonded leather durable, it has the potential to leach out some of the chemicals used in production over time. Since bonded leather can contain up to 20% genuine leather, it is not a vegan product.

Difference between cleaning and maintenance:

Bicast leather can absorb liquids easily as it is naturally absorbent, making it susceptible to stains and difficult to clean. Genuine leather should be treated twice a year to keep it soft and dry. Stay away from harsh cleaners when caring for genuine leather. Since PU leather does not absorb liquids, it will be the easiest to clean. Your PU leather will last longer if you take good care of it. Cleaning bonded leather can be difficult. Because the surface can peel, crack and wear over time, it cannot clean bonded leather with harsh chemicals or rags.

How durable is bicast leather?

With only 6-8 months of typical use and abuse, bicast leather used for furniture tends to break down and crack. On the other hand, genuine leather furniture can last for 25 to 40 years.

How to detect bicast leather?

Although there are many color options for bicast leather, and it initially appears to be real leather, the grain can actually be much longer. The surface has a homogeneous appearance thanks to the consistent grain pattern. Bicast leather may also be susceptible to tearing and cracking.

Which leather is better, Bonded or Bicast?

Bonded leather is not very high quality and is not considered genuine leather, just like bicast leather. Both are used to cover furniture but are susceptible to damage from friction and contact with body oils and dirt. However, using recommended cleaning and protection materials, you can keep both in good condition.


The above article is all about Bicast leather. Here we have shared all the details about Bicast leather. If you are a leather lover, then this article is for you.

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