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Handmade Leather Field Notes Size Traveler's Notebook Journal

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Brief Info About This Field Notes Size Traveler's Notebook

A traveler is very fond of recording his moments he has collected on his journey. The best companion of a traveler is considered his travel journal that comprises the most mesmerizing. One can memorize his journey by checking out his travel journal whenever he feels like looking at it. A field notes size traveler's notebook is the thing you must have with you for your next travel or adventure. 

Our field notes size traveler's notebook will keep your memories in the same condition for several decades. The quality of the leather is superbly premium and the pages this notebook has are super smooth. You will feel great when you mention your memories in your travel journal. Our leather traveler’s notebook in our store is very accessible and affordable. 

We use the finest grain of buffalo leather when making our handmade travelers' leather notebooks. It’s one of the best quality - solid and sturdy. The distressed rustic nature allows the field notes size traveler's notebook to be aged beautifully, making each cover unique in its look and feel. Write down your own life story with the finest leather notebook.

Personalized Field Notes Size Traveler's Notebook Size and Paper Pattern

Standard: 21x11 cm

Passport: 12.5x9 cm

Personal: 16.5x9.5

A5: 21x14 cm

 Available Paper: Lined White / Blank White 

A journal contains 3 individual notebooks and a kraft paper sleeve for credit cards and some accessories. An individual notebook contains 30 pieces of paper.

LeatherNeo's Leather Travelers Notebook Features

  1. 100% handmade leather journal, one-piece construction.
  2. Premium genuine full-grain leather as a material.
  3. A wonderful smell of raw leather.
  4. Multi-function design.

Leather Material and How to Care

Our leather supplier creates all their stylish leather material using rugged and raw cowhide leather that is filled with premium quality control. It is a unique and captivating natural leather in its rough state. Leather marks can form a subtly patterned testimony of a healthy cow and are a mainstay of genuine top grain leather.

Field Notes Size Traveler's Notebook Journal

We do not recommend leather chemicals as they will harm the leather as time going on, you can use some leather oil if really needed. Don't be afraid of a scuff or small scratches. Just rub the oils from your skin shape the patina's look over time. 

Small Scratches

When LeatherNeo creates leather travelers' notebooks, we do our best to avoid scratches on leather. Some rustic-looking leather definitely leaves a small mark, but the marks are not ugly, it displays a rustic aged looking. These scratches are typically very small and appear as subtle lines that are slightly darker than the surrounding area. Our luxury smooth or vegan leather has no scratches or marks.

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