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  • Custom Leather Macbook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve
  • Custom Leather Macbook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve
  • Custom Leather Macbook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve
  • Custom Leather Macbook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve
  • Custom Leather Macbook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve

Custom Leather Macbook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve

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About This Leather MacBook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve

This handmade Laptop sleeve is a perfect decision to carry your MacBook and laptops. Double pocket design for more items like passport, notebooks...You can use this MacBook sleeve not only as a cover but also it may serve you as a suitcase for documents, office papers, and other important stuff. The LeatherNeo's genuine leather MacBook pro 13-inch sleeve is designed and crafted with the purpose of a convenient and modern accessory that one can rely on.

Custom Made Leather MacBook Sleeves and All Laptops

Please choose your device correctly, all of our leather laptop sleeves are custom made according to different sizes. if you choose the "other pls tell" option, please leave us the specific dimension or laptop models in the box.

Features of This MacBook Pro 13 Inch Sleeve

  • Genuine leather with beautiful and durable stitching, giving it a sleek look and a slim body.
  • Each of our products is uniquely designed and handcrafted. At LeatherNeo, uniqueness and personalization are highly valued.
  • Distressed oiled leather, will be aged beautifully over time.
  • High quality promotion for your business.

Choose Your Macbook Model Correctly!

2018-20 New MacBoo Air 13 Retina (30.41x21.24x0.41-1.56cm) / 2016-20 New MacBook Pro 13" (30.41x21.24x1.49 cm)

2016-20 New MacBook Pro 15" (34.93x24.07x1.55 cm) / MacBook Pro 16" (35.79x24.59x1.62 cm)

12" New MacBook (28.05x19.65x0.35-1.31cm) / 11" MacBook Air (30x19.2x0.3-1.7 cm)

Old 13" MacBook Air (32.5x22.7x0.3-1.7cm) / Old Macbook Pro 13" (32.5x22.7x2.41 cm)

Old MacBook Pro 15" (36.4x24.9x2.41cm) / Old Macbook Pro 13" Retina (31.4x21.9x1.8 cm)

Old Macbook Pro 15" Retina (35.89x24.71x1.8 cm) / Other Laptops - Tell the specific size

Leather Care and Corporate Orders:

Don't be afraid of a scuff or small scratches. This is the characteristic of distressed or rustic leather, it is stylish and vintage looking. Start to use it, the long time you use it, the smoother and more beautiful it will be. So, go ahead take it with you today!

A useful and unique leather gift featuring the company’s logo or a special word will extend your brand for years. We have cooperated with several companies and clubs. Moreover, we use only high-quality leather material and threads. Leather is the greatest material for keeping your story!

About Personalization

LeatherNeo is a great leather goods store with unique designs. We supply leather goods that are beautifully crafted and personalized to your needs. We do provide customized products that are designed according to your requirement and taste. We always try to serve them with the best quality service. If any product is not stock, we will refund the complete amount.

1 Default emboss in Gabriola or Times New Roman font.

2 Default fonts size: we will choose the best looking size according to the item size.

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About Shipping

We always try to ship orders within two to four business working days. And if we have much orders to deliver then the order might get delayed by few days. We hope that our customers understand our terms and continue to purchase.

1 We usually ship your orders about 2-5 days later on average

2 According to our experience, the shipper will take 8-18 days to worldwide for normal shipping

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