School Bags

Carry your books in style and make your classmates jealous with our fashionable school bags! Keep your things organized with multiple compartments or just carry everything in one handy place. And you will always start the school day with a smile when you pop one of our school bags over your shoulders. 

LeatherNeo has a variety of school bags for boys and girls, the bags are specifically designed with space and for multi-purpose usage.

What to keep in mind while buying a school bag?

School bags are carried by the students to schools, coachings, colleges, trips and at other places too. While buying a school bag you need to look after several things like:

  • Looks: In the 21st century, who wants to carry an old school bag? No one. Nowadays, looks play an important role, carrying a bag that looks trendy, classy, and elegant has become a matter of status. Every student wants to carry the best bag to their school and college. So while buying a school bag you need to consider the looks of the bag and you know what? LeatherNeo has the best-looking school bags available on the website.
  • Space: Having a spacious bag is the most important thing, you can't carry a school bag and then another bag for some other stuff. The bags from LeatherNeo are designed in such a way that you can store a 15-inch Macbook, books, tablets, mobile phone, magazines, wallet, folding umbrella and clothes at the same time. Multiple pockets are available inside the bag, which helps you to keep everything organised manner.
  • Straps and handles: While buying a school bag you should look for the kind of straps and handles it has so that it doesn't get difficult to be carried by the students. The school bags at LeatherNeohas adjustable straps which makes them easier and more comfortable to carry. Most of the bags also have handles on the top so that you can carry them in your hands like a tote bag. The two ways of carrying the bag make it more stylish and preferable for the students.
  • Price: The best thing about LeatherNeo's school backpacks is the price. The backpacks are very affordable as per the quality we provide which makes it a must-buy and try stuff.

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