The Ultimate List Of Leather Engraving Shops In The US!

Leather products are known for being evergreen for a simple reason - their classic appeal. There are many types of leather that are being used to make a variety of different leather products like bags, journal covers, notebook covers, laptop cases, and more. Each type of leather has its own unique selling point. When it comes to leather products, you should always consider buying the ones that are made using full-grain leather. This is the type of leather that is of the highest quality.

Leather Engraving The New Trend

Over the years, there have been many changes being introduced in the leather industry. One of the latest trends here is getting leather products engraved. This not only gives a character to the product but also adds a bit of personalization to them. All the leather products can today be personalized with your choice of engravings.

What is Leather Engraving?


Engraving is the process of incising a design or a phrase onto a surface of any hard material including leather. This enhances the beauty of the products while adding a touch of personalization to them. As a result you get a beautiful leather product, a part of which is particularly designed by you. So, if you are also looking to get your leather products engraved with your name or logo, you must check out our list of best leather engraving shops in the USA.

Now that we are done discussing which type of leather product is the best and why leather engraving is becoming a trend, it is time we get to discussing the list of best leather engraving shops in the USA.

List of the Best Leather Engraving Shops in the USA

Today, we have several different options available when it comes to ordering leather products. Unlike the times before, there are several different companies that are offering leather engraving services. Here, in this list you will find the most trusted leather engraving companies in the USA.

1 - Leather Neo

Counted among the best leather engraving companies in the USA, Leather Neo is one of the fastest growing one. With the team of excellent professionals working at Leather Neo, you can get the highest quality of leather engraving services for your leather products. The good thing about this company is that they not just engrave the leather products but also deal in them. At Leather Neo, you will have several different products to shop from including leather journal covers, leather notebook covers, leather laptop cases, and much more. The good thing about this is that you can not just order them to engrave the products but also find those products.

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2 - Brown & Hartman Engraving Co

Brown & Hartman Engraving Co is another one of the famous leather engraving companies in the USA. As they say that Impressions count, they help you create one for you. They specialize in fine detailing and custom engraving of leather products. The good thing about the Brown & Hartman Engraving Co is that they use several different methods to sculpt the highest quality leather products including - laser engraving, rotary engraving, acid etching, UV printing, and more. Be it your name, logo, your choice of phrase, or any symbol or text you want, you can get it engraved at Brown & Hartman Engraving Co.

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3 - Midwest Engravers

When it comes to leather engraving, another name that pops up in the mind is Midwest engravers. Midwest Engravers is the perfect place for you to go to if you are looking to personalize your leather products with your choice of logo, phrase, name, or statement. They specialize in all kinds of engraving services. The good thing about these engravers is that they are highly experienced which ensures that your expensive leather products are safe and protected.

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4 - Inkwell Designers

Inkwell Designers is another very famous leather engraving company that is known to fit everyone’s taste. Since everyone has a different requirement, it is a known fact that the Inkwell Designers is the best engraving company for all kinds of engraving needs. Their experience sweetens the deal even more. So, if you are looking to engrave any of your leather product, it is time you contact them. Another good thing about choosing Inkwell Designers is that they use the same embossing machines that are being used in high-end stationery stores as well as the top design houses.

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5 - Carlisle’s Engraving Company

If you are looking for leather engraving services in the USA, you must check out Carlisle’s Engraving company. They are renowned for their engraving and embossing services. All these services are designed to be perfect. They have a team of excellent professionals who know how to safely engrave your expensive leather products including leather bags, journal covers, notebook covers, etc. So, if you are looking to get your leather products engraved, you must check Carlisle’s engraving company’s services.

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6 - Crystal Images Inc

Another name among the best leather engraving companies is the Crystal Images. If you wish to get any of your leather product engraved, all you need to do is contact Crystal Images Inc. They are renowned for their expertise in leather engraving services. So, if you are looking to get your leather journal, leather notebook covers, and more engraved, get it done by the professionals at Crystal Images Inc.

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7 - Royce New York

When it comes to engraving leather products, there is no better place than Royce New York. They deal in several different high quality leather products. They specialize in both personal and corporate leather products. Furthermore, they have a simple process in which you will be required to choose the leather product, provide the artwork you need to engrave, send it to them, and they will send you the mockup which you need to approve after which they will start processing your order.

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8 - NYC Engraving Service

Another very famous leather engraving company is the NYC Engraving Service. They are famous for providing affordable and fastest leather engraving services. Their laser engraving services has made them very popular. Their experienced professionals make sure that every engraving they do is of high quality. So, if you are looking for leather engraving services, you must contact NYC Engraving Services.

Website -

These are some of the most popular leather engraving companies in the USA. All these companies have made their place among the most trusted engraving service providers in America. Right from engraving leather bags, leather journals, leather notebook covers, to leather pen holders and more, they have all kinds of engraving services for you.

Now that you know which companies to trust for leather engraving services, let’s see what types of leather engraving techniques are there in the market.

Leather Engraving Techniques

There are several different types of leather engraving techniques that you need to know about before deciding which engraving technique is best for your product. Here, we are going to take you through some of the most preferred leather engraving techniques -

1) Branding

Branding as the name suggests is one of the most straightforward leather engraving techniques. This is something very similar to what farmers do to their cattle. This involves the process in which leather is pressed with a hot piece of metal with force. This process is carried out using branding irons. These branding irons are usually heated through various means starting from electric power to fire based. So, if this is something that interests you, you must find a company providing leather branding services.

2) Laser Engraving

Another very popular leather engraving technique is laser engraving. This is a technique in which high powered carbon dioxide laser is directed and focused on the piece of leather, burning through the design you want engraved on the leather product. Similar to branding, this laser engraving also scorches the surface of leather to engrave the pattern.

The major difference between branding and leather engraving lies in the precision. Laser engraving is a bit more precise. Also, a lot of extra care and caution is needed when it comes to laser engraving technique.

3) Embossing

The next very popular technique used to engrave leather is embossing. The basis of this technique is captured from stamping. If you wish to lay down some kind of pattern or design on leather using embossing technique, you will have to stamp the leather with the desired patters using a heavy steel plate or even rolling wheel. The good thing here is that the embossed leather can have all kinds of different patterns pressed to it without causing any variation in the texture.

There are 2 very common types of embossing - Blind printing and color printing. Where blind printing involves the process of pressing the pattern you want on the leather without any additions to it there, in color printing, a thin film made of plastic is placed between the steel plat and the leather. By doing this a few sections if the film will be cut out while getting imprinted into the leather fabric. This can come in any color you desire.

4) Carving

Another very common method used to engrave leather is carving. This is similar to the wood carving process. The difference, however, is there are only certain types of leather that can be carved into for example, carving works best on full-grain vegetable tanned leather. This carving process begins with rubbing fown the leather with water allowing it to saturate for several minutes following which a simple process of transferring the image of your choice on the material with a stylus. Using a swivel knife, the pattern is then carved into the leather.

These are a few most popular types of leather engraving techniques. Depending on which product and what type of engraving you want, you must choose the service provider. Clearly, there are many different ways in which you can get your leather products personalized. The only catch is to choose the technique that is best suited for the leather you have.

A Few Things To Note Before Hiring a Company For Their Leather Engraving Service In The US

Type of Engraving Service

While choosing a leather engraving company in the US, you must know whether they have viable experience in doing this or not. Companies like Leather Neo, NYC Engraving, and more who along with engraving leather products, deals in them are the best. This way you can be simply confident on them providing quality personalized product. Since they are aware of which kind of leather they have used in the product, they know which technique would work the best for them, ensuring the quality of the service. 


In addition to the quality of service, you must also understand what process they follow. Having a company that is transparent about their services is a great thing. This way, you can be sure of getting the best service available in the market and can keep a check on the product you have ordered. There are many leather engraving companies who tend to send mockups of the product before processing them. You must always go with them. This way you know what you will getting in the end.


Another very important factor to consider while choosing a leather engraving company is to find out if they are punctual with their deliveries or not. You must always check for reviews before picking the one for their services. On-time deliveries reflect their seriousness.

These are a few things that you must consider before selecting a company providing leather engraving services in the US. Make sure that you are 100% sure about their quality of work before putting in your hard earned money. We, at Leather Neo have a completely transparent process in which you are always kept up to date with the state of your order. Right from designing, mock ups, manufacturing, to delivery, you are a part of it all. If you are looking for a personalized leather product, you must check out our collection and contact us. We are always at your service.

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