Our Story

LeatherNeo is a mid-size company, based in Macau. We have the passion and faith to supply unique, quality handmade leather goods to the people who loves handcrafts, peace, and wants something unique. Our continuous service of 8 years have enabled us to get an overwhelming customer base.

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The Main Products

LeatherNeo handmade leather MacBook cases, leather journals, photo albums, iPad cases, leather backpacks, surface laptop covers... from genuine full grain leather, rust-free brass accessories, waxed strong thread to offer you a long time leather companion. Designed in LeatherNeo studio, our products are all of the top quality and multifunctional design. They will be very helpful during your travel time!

LeatherNeo's handmade personalized leather goods are perfect as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, groomsmen gifts, Father's day gift, Mother's day gift, valentine gift, graduation gift, and the best Christmas gift ideas. 


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Our aim and team

Our aim is to design handcrafted leather accessories that are timeless, unique and special. We passionately believe that great design and quality material makes LeatherNeo your best choice.
We are a designer-founded team of artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating quality and functional personalized leather goods combining the best materials with traditional methods. Our unique handmade processes are focused on producing the highest quality leather goods for our customers, quality that improves with age.

Our Designs Are Unique and Functional

At LeatherNeo we create multifunctional designs that bring together simple shapes, attention to details and top quality materials. Our fashion sense is one of timeless quality. LeatherNeo's personalized leather goods are both strikingly contemporary and timelessly elegant, purposefully designed to last for a long time, in durability and in appearance. From home to office, school to shopping mall, our leather accessories are designed for everyday use, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
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The Leather Material We Use

Full grain genuine leather is what we do. Leather is one of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Primitive man hunted wild animals for food, then made clothing, footwear and crude tents from the hides. Like then, hides used today are a by-product of the meat industry.
Full-grain leather, a kind of top quality genuine cow leather, is the top quality and expensive material. Full-grain leather comes from the hide's top layer and includes the full, natural grain. It is never sanded or buffed as a way to remove imperfections, which helps provide durability and additional strength. Full-grain leather is the most expensive grade of leather to manufacture, often making it the most expensive leather grade for consumers to purchase.

The Handmade Process

The leather hides we sourced need to be loaded into a special tanning drum along with a special tanning solution. This drum will contain a special mix of either vegetable tanning agents or a chromium salt mix.

Most of our leather laptop cases, leather notebooks, passport holder,  notebook and journal covers.... are handmade cut from genuine full grain leather, and then hand punched and saddle stitched. 

Here is a simple video explain what our products are like:


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