Small Crossbody Bags

An elegant and functional collection of small crossbody bags that are perfect for running errands, a day trip, or even a business meeting — our crossbody bags will never let you down!

With the growing demand for crossbody bags, LeatherNeo delivers large as well as small crossbody bags as per your requirement. The bags are available in different designs and colours too which makes your shopping much more interesting.

Small crossbody bag specifications

At LeatherNeo you can find a variety of large and small crossbody bags available in leather and canvas material. The bags have the following specifications.

  • Looks: The bag has minimal designs but a classic style, which makes it more versatile to be used by men and women. It can be used by young aged as well as old aged people too because the colour and design of the bag are very sober and elegant.
  • Size: Being a small crossbody bag, the bag allows you to store all the important stuff while you are going for an outing. It has multiple pockets where you can put your necessary items like a phone, tablet, id, wallet, and much more.
  • Weight: The LeatherNeo bags are designed in such a way that it doesn't weigh much. We understand and look after the demands of our customers and so we have manufactured bags which are lighter in weight and weights approximately 0.72 KG.
  • Shoulder strap: The small crossbody bags available at LeatherNeo have adjustable should straps which can be adjusted between 75 to 145 cm. With the quality of adjustment, the bag becomes more comfortable and convenient to be carried.

Characteristics of small crossbody bags available at LeatherNeo

Choosing LeatherNeo to buy a small crossbody bag becomes obvious after knowing the qualities of the bags available on LeatherNeo's website. Let's know about LeatherNeo's bags' qualities in brief.

  • Versatile: The bags are versatile, they can be used by men or women, they can be used by young aged as well as old aged people, they can be used while shopping, going on a trip or whenever you want to.
  • Durable: LeatherNeo's bags have a longer life because the best quality material is used while manufacturing your bag.
  • Manufacturing: The bags of LeatherNeo are 100% handcrafted at the store of LeatherNeo.
  • Material: The best quality leather and canvas is used while manufacturing your small crossbody bags.
  • Affordable: The bags at LeatherNeo are very affordable as per the quality we provide to you.
  • Colour: There is a variety of colour options available, as well as the colour of LeatherNeo's bags, doesn't fade.

LeatherNeo delivers the best small crossbody bags which are in demand nowadays. So place your order before it gets out of stock.

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