What is Saffiano Leather

Saffiano Leather is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after varieties available to trendsetters. This leather variety is long-lasting, fashionable, and adaptable. You've come to the right site if you're thinking of buying something produced from this material or want to find out more about it.

In this post, you will learn everything there is to know about saffiano leather, from its characteristics to its advantages to its maintenance requirements and beyond. We'll also review some of the most sought-after products made from this leather so you can make an informed purchase. Learn everything you need to know about saffiano leather by reading on!

What is Saffiano Leather?

Do you know what is saffiano leather? Saffiano is a textured leather that gets its distinctive grain through pressing. The tanner uses a special stamping machine designed specifically for Saffiano leather to create the product's signature crosshatch pattern.

Vegetable-tanned leather, Nappa leather, PVC leather, or PU leather could hide beneath the coating. The leather is designated "Saffiano"; the producer will sew the prestigious name onto the label if it is embossed with a crosshatch finish.

Wax is applied to the leather instead of dye (but sometimes both processes are used). Since the leather is concealed by the crosshatch pattern and any color can be added to the resin, dyeing is unnecessary.

The wax coating gives Saffiano its distinctive glossy sheen, making it exceptionally durable. Wax-coated leather is durable and convenient for everyday use because it is simple to clean and preserve.

Despite its many admirable qualities, genuine Saffiano is quite pricey. It takes a lot of time and money-consuming equipment to make a product like this, even if a lower-quality piece of the skin is used.

Does Prada use saffiano leather?

This fabric is a Prada masterpiece; it was developed in Italy and is protected by a patent held by the fashion house. Many of the most popular designer handbags today are made of Saffiano leather, although the quality varies widely.

The claim that Mario Prada created this on his own is speculative at best. In 1913, Mario's granddaughter started the first Prada handbag, crafted from saffiano leather. It's a great leather with a complex cross-patterned grain, and the design is so good that it's in high demand even now, 104 years after it was first produced.

Although it has risen to prominence as one of the most sought-after and instantly recognizable genuine leathers in the modern fashion business, Saffiano leather is now of a different high quality than what made it famous in the first place.

Exactly what is Saffiano leather made of?

Calfskin is the only acceptable source for genuine saffiano leather. Since Prada's expired patent, other tanneries have begun producing polyurethane-based leathers that closely match Saffiano. Wax coatings would be applied to both types of leather as a final step, making them exceptionally long-lasting and resistant to moisture.

Is Saffiano leather real leather?

Saffiano is a type of leather found in various goods, including purses and wallets. Due to its unusual appearance and texture, it is frequently misidentified as a form of fake saffiano leather. On the other hand, it is not a synthetic material but real calfskin leather with a chemically-applied crosshatch design. The material is treated to increase its durability and water resistance, making it a popular choice among consumers looking for high-quality goods. Saffiano, like any genuine leather, will eventually show signs of use and age, but with careful maintenance, it can retain its good looks for quite some time.

What processes create Saffiano leather?

If you're a leather lover, you might be curious about the process of creating Saffiano.

How does one go about creating that distinctive crosshatch pattern? Below, we'll outline the process in four easy steps.


Hides undergo a lengthy tanning procedure to transform them into leather suitable for commercial usage. Saffiano leather typically isn't colored, but some designers stamp their logos or characteristic colors onto the hide before finishing it, which stands out against the see-through material.


If you try to emboss a crosshatch design into the leather that is too stiff from being stored in the cold, you will save time. The leather is heated to about 70 degrees Celsius so the craftsman can work with it more easily.


Using specialist technology with large metal plates, a crosshatch design is etched into the hot leather. Because of the tremendous force generated by the pressing machines, the operation takes only around 15 seconds.

To produce the desired effect, each surface must be etched using a plate with a mirror image of the texture, similar to how a die casts a coin.


The finish can be applied once the leather has cooled after being pressed. Wax is the most popular finish because it protects against wear and tear and imparts a characteristic glossy sheen to the surface.

Some producers apply layers beneath the wax to change the color or achieve a certain look. The two-tone effect illustrates this, as it is quite faint and requires close inspection. The leatherworker employs two distinct colors: one for the flat portions of the hide and another for the raised areas towards the top of the grain.

Saffiano Leather Varieties

Because of its longevity and traditional elegance, saffiano leather has risen to prominence in high fashion. Its durability and resistance to stains and scratches make it a popular material for accessories like purses and wallets. However, some saffiano leather is different. Saffiano leather comes in a wide range of quality, texture, and color options. Full-grain leather, imitation saffiano, and everything have advantages and disadvantages. This post will go over the many options to help you choose the perfect saffiano leather for your next accessory.

1. Full-Grain Saffiano Leather

Full-Grain saffiano leather is a high-end, high-fashion material. Its signature crosshatch design uses the cowhide's top layer, which is tanned and gives a particular wax finish. Because of its durability and staining resistance, this leather is frequently used for upholstery, bags, and wallets.

It has a traditional design that will never go out of style, and its soft yet strong texture makes it comfortable to use and touch. Full-Grain saffiano leather is water resistant and can be wiped down with a moist cloth. This quality leather can survive for decades without losing its lustre or softness if taken care of. Its classic elegance elevates any look and commands attention wherever you go.

2. Embossed Saffiano Leather

Embossed saffiano leather has been a high-end material for hundreds of years. It looks and feels unlike anything else, and no substitute can compare. The embossing procedure adds a luxurious touch by adding a raised pattern. Because of its longevity, it is commonly used to craft accessories like purses, wallets, and belts. The fact that it is naturally waterproof makes it great for usage in the great outdoors.

Its unique feel can also be utilised as a decorative accent on walls and furniture. Embossed Saffiano leather will lend a touch of sophistication to any creation or accessory thanks to its traditional style and enduring allure.

3. Printed Saffiano Leather

Unique in appearance and texture is printed saffiano leather. A calfskin leather base is embossed with a crosshatch design before being tanned. This gives the leather a rough appearance, making it more long-lasting than smooth leather. The textured surface protects the leather from scratches, stains, and moisture.

Colors found in printed saffiano leather can be either vivid or muted. Because of its distinctive appearance, it is frequently used to make wallets, bags, briefcases, and other accessories. Shoes, couches, and jackets are just some of the many goods, including printed saffiano leather. Printed saffiano leather has a timeless quality that will make any product look sophisticated and durable for years.

4. Coated Saffiano Leather

The distinctive cross-hatched finish of coated saffiano leather makes it a high-end material. It's crafted from leather dyed with aniline pigments and coated with acrylic resin for a durable shine and scratch resistance. A protective coating protects The leather from moisture, stains, and wear. Coated Saffiano Leather's one-of-a-kind grain gives it a refined appearance that works for both business and pleasure.

Its adaptability makes it a go-to for style mavens looking to up their accessory game. It's also great for creating durable accessories like purses, wallets, briefcases, etc. The most popular colors for coated saffiano leather are black and brown, but other colors may be available.

The Appeal of Saffiano Leather

Because of its luxurious feel, saffiano leather is frequently used for fashion accessories such as purses and wallets. Its distinctive cross-hatch design is a striking departure from the typically smooth texture of leather. The material may be shaped into various forms due to its malleable yet scratch- and scuff-resistant nature.

Saffiano Leather also has exceptional resistance to water and protection against filth and stains since it is treated with unique waxes and oils. Those who care about the longevity of their accessories will appreciate this feature. Last but not least, its classic good looks guarantee that it will always be in vogue.

Applications of Saffiano leather

Saffiano is ideal for high-end leather accessories due to its strength, durability, and stunning glossy lustre. Due to its tough, stiff construction, this high-quality material is best suited for accessories like wallets and totes rather than garments like coats and pants.

The following are examples of popular items made from saffiano leather:

  • Handbags
  • Briefcases
  • Suitcases
  • Laptop bags
  • Tote bags
  • Satchels
  • Pouches
  • Wallets
  • Purses
  • Watchbands

Saffiano leather's advantages

So, what exactly are the benefits of this crosshatched leather? Let's take a closer look at what makes Saffiano leather so special.


How durable is saffiano leather? So. Due to its durable wax coating, saffiano leather is resistant to the scratches that arise with regular use. Also, the coarse, crosshatched texture makes even tiny scratches nearly invisible. Furthermore, the hard surface won't quickly give in to wear and tear.

Simple upkeep

The semi-glossy wax repels most dirt and grime and doesn't have a chance to settle into the surface in the first place. Cleaning it will still be necessary, but not daily. In addition, no extra maintenance is involved in keeping the surface clean, making it far more convenient than other varieties of leather.


Although most types of leather aren't water-resistant, saffiano leather is an exception. Water beads up on the surface and rolls off thanks to the synthetic wax finish, making it usable even in wet conditions. Does saffiano leather repel water? Just barely. It still requires protection from the rain.

Appealing visuals

Saffiano has a dazzling glossy lustre and an attractive crosshatched texture. This opulent style looks especially attractive when applied to accessories. Have you ever pondered the enduring popularity of saffiano leather handbags? This is the truth, and you now know it.

Saffiano leather's drawbacks


The price tag is the main hindrance. Saffiano leather is expensive and hard to get by outside of high-end boutiques. The price tag can be lowered by opting for faux leather. However, regardless of the type of leather used, a high-quality Saffiano product will be pricier.

Easily punctured by needles

Saffiano can withstand everyday wear and tear. However, it will be easily damaged by pointed items. You should use caution around sharp corners, but this warning applies to all leather products.

Artificial looking

Due to its crosshatch pattern and wax treatment, saffiano leather has a less natural appearance than other leathers. Leather's natural appearance is only to some people's liking, and this synthetic alternative provides a bright contrast.

Degradation of the coating

Despite its durability, saffiano leather has a finite lifespan. The edges could peel or flake off after some time. This process can move quickly or slowly, depending on the product's quality and how well it has been maintained.

Precautions to Take

Saffiano is not only hard but also simple to maintain. However, before cleaning your Saffiano product, check for any care tags with specific directions. Care instructions should be followed at your own risk if there are none provided or if they are ineffective.

Empty your bag, wallet, or pocketbook first before cleaning it. Keep in mind that any cleaning method you choose has the potential to cause damage to the leather. As a result, before using your selected cleaning procedure on the entire item, you should test it on a hidden part and wait for it to dry. If you're worried about removing too much colour from the leather, examine the surface of your cleaning cloth, brush, or sponge. If that's the case, stop what you're doing and try something else.

If the stain or dust is light, wipe it away with a soft damp cloth. Baby wipes are a great alternative because they are soft and gentle. If you have trouble getting the dust out of the wood's grain pattern grooves, try using a soft brush dipped in water. Handling leather carefully is important so as not to damage its natural lustre and grain pattern. If you have a more significant stain, you cannot remove using these methods; you may need to invest in a stain remover designed specifically for your problem. Use only a stain remover specifically formulated for use on saffiano leather.

It's best to follow the natural grain when caring for leather in any of these ways. Dry the leather naturally at ambient temperature, away from any heat sources, in an area with dry air movement. You should consult a professional leather cleaner for assistance with very stubborn stains. You won't regret it.

Utility and Storage

A dust bag is typically included with high-quality leather items. Put the thing back into the bag once you are finished using it. That way, dust and dirt won't settle on it, and accidental spills won't ruin it. You should also avoid exposing your saffiano leather product to bright sunlight, radiators, or extreme temperature changes since doing so could fade the colour or distort the structure of the leather. If you want your Saffiano bag to keep its shape for as long as possible, fill it with old newspapers when you aren't using it. In addition, a leather conditioner made specifically for saffiano leather can be used to preserve its suppleness. This may sound like a lot of extra work, but in the end, your customers will be much happier with the goods.


No you know about what is saffiano leather. Is this particular sort of textured leather what you're looking for? What you want will determine the answer. This high-end item is unique to compact luggage and home decor accents. Saffiano is a great option if you're in the market for a sleek textured leather purse that can handle the rigors of everyday life.


Saffiano leather has a high price tag, but why?

Regarding high-end handbags, wallets, and other accessories, Saffiano Leather is a top choice. The high price tag is justified because it lasts long and looks different from any other leather.

Can you scratch saffiano leather?

Saffiano leather is tough, but it scratches readily if it comes into contact with anything sharp or abrasive. Scratches, while still visible, are typically less evident than on another type of leather.

What is Vegan Saffiano?

Vegan Saffiano is a synthetic leather that mimics the look and feel of genuine Saffiano but uses no animal products in its production. Produced without harmful chemicals or animal byproducts, it offers a sustainable alternative to conventional leathers. It is made from organic cotton, quick-drying polyurethane, and other natural components.

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