What to Look For Before Buying a Leather Luggage Bag?

Luggage bags are essential for those who travel frequently. When you step out looking for leather luggage bags, you would come across hundreds of options to choose from. Right from the quality of leather to the stitching, every leather luggage bag is designed to be unique. In this article, we are going to share with you a few tips that will help you find the right leather luggage bag. Every point that we are going to discuss below will take you one step closer to making the right decision.

Before we start discussing the things to consider while buying a leather bag, let’s discuss why it is a good idea for you to buy one. Leather bags have been around since a long time. While they are known to be classic, they are also great when it comes to durability. Every quality leather bag is perfectly designed to provide the luxurious feel. When it comes to luggage bags or large leather messenger bags, you must always consider purchasing the ones made using leather. This will not just provide you the feel of luxury but will also last longer. So, make the smart choice and always go for the leather luggage bags.

Things to Consider Before Buying Leather Luggage Bags

  1. Type of leather used
  2. Tanning process used
  3. Country of origin
  4. Durability of the bag
  5. Hardware choice
  6. Budget

Let’s start discussing these points mentioned above one by one in detail.

  1. Type of leather used

Although there are many things that you need to consider while looking for a leather bag, the first thing, however, is to check the type of leather the luggage bag you are planning to buy is made of. Usually, these leather luggage bags are made either using - full-grain leather or bonded leather. When it comes to choosing between the two, you should always prefer full-grain leather luggage bags. This is the top quality leather that not just looks amazing but, is also fantastic when it comes to durability. On the other hand, bags made using bonded leather are made using scrap pieces of leather that are reworked with chemicals and plastics into the second-rate version of leather. This type of leather tends to wither off quickly. This is the reason why you should avoid buying leather luggage bags made using bonded leather. 

  1. Tanning process used

One thing that you need to remember while shopping for leather luggage bags is that each piece of leather is manufactured using different processes. There are two different tanning processes that are usually used to make leather - chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. In the chrome tanning process, process involves chromium and harsh chemicals and is done within days. Since it uses harsh chemicals, the product is cheaper whereas, in the vegetable tanning process, they don’t use harsh chemicals to prepare the leather instead. This process is completely eco-friendly and therefore is designed to take longer. So, clearly, when it comes to tanning processes, vegetable tanning is not just the best but is also efficient and high in quality.

  1. Country of origin

Another very important thing to consider while shopping for a leather luggage bag is - country of origin. The reason behind this is very simple - you can determine the quality of leather by finding out where it is being prepared. There are some countries like US, Italy, England, and France that are known for making high quality leather bags. So, while you are in search of high-quality leather luggage bags, make sure that you check for the labels and make sure that everything in manufacturing is done in the country you know is renowned for making quality leather bags.

  1. Durability of the bag

Premium leather luggage bags are known for their durability. The best leather bags usually come from the most durable leather. There are two things that contribute to the durability of the bag. 

    • Selection of the leather which bag is made of
    • Stitching of the bag

      An ideal leather luggage bag is known to hold a certain weight and is known to be carried out without being weakened at all. This is where the grain comes into the picture. A full-grain leather bag is known for being the most durable leather bags in the market. So, if you are looking for a leather bag which will last longer, you must look for leather bags made using full-grain leather. Another critical thing is stitching. While looking for the durable leather luggage bag, you must make sure that stitching on bag is straight and barely noticeable and has no loose threads.

      1. Hardware choice

      The next thing that you need to check while purchasing leather luggage bags is the choice of hardware that are used in it. While you are selecting the bag, make sure that you check for the following -

      • Buckles
      • Handles
      • Locks
      • Shoulder strap fittings
      • Zippers
      • Metallic rings 

      These are a few things that will also contribute to the quality of leather luggage bags. One thing that you need to understand is that each and every component of the bag contributes to the quality of the bag.

      1. Budget

      Another very crucial component that one needs to consider while shopping for leather luggage bag is the budget. Since there is a huge variety available in the market ranging from the moderate to premium price. Usually, the original and quality leather luggage bags are known to be expensive. So, if you are considering to purchase the leather bag, you must focus on buying the one with premium quality rather than running behind the cheaper options.


      There are several companies today dealing in quality leather luggage bags. As the number of companies manufacturing leather bags are increasing the choice is becoming more and more complicated. Since every company claims to selling the best quality leather luggage bags, it is important that you consider all the points mentioned above to make sure that you are investing in the right one.

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