How to Recycle Your Books and Journals?

When it comes to journals and books, they are not very as popular as before today. We understand how disturbing it is to watch the stockpile of these products lying in any corner of the house, collecting dust. If you are here, you are probably thinking of ways in which you can either get rid of them, which is very tough emotionally, or probably are investigating options for recycling them. Since these two products lie under the category of mixed paper including catalogues, phone books, notebooks, and more. Because this is a paper product, the recycling market is quite small. 

Here, in this piece of article, we are going to share with you the ways in which you can recycle and reuse your journals and books. So, stick with us… 

How to Recycle the Journals and Books Collecting Dust on Your Bookshelves?

The first thing to do when you are planning to recycle and get rid of the journals and books lying in the corner is to sort the entire lot based on the type of paper and type of product for example - separate the journals from books. If not like this, you can also sort the lot based on the type of paper for example - office papers, cardboards, and more. 

Moving on, you can choose from the below-mentioned list of things you can do with your old journals and books. So, let’s get to that list now…

9 Practical Ways to Recycle Books

i) Spice up your trash can

ii) Become creative 

iii) Practice creative writing 

iv) Pull out all the blank papers

v) Scan all the important stuff

vi) Become artistic 

vii) Brush up your origami skills 

viii) Enjoy Bonfire

ix) Donate your books

These are some great ways in which you can recycle and reuse your old journals and books. Each and every one of the ideas listed above have been tested and have been used. You can actually get a lot of references for each one of these things online. We, at Leather Neo, have a great collection of leather journal covers which you can use to safely keep the important stuff that you want to save before discarding your old journals. So, happy decluttering. 

Let’s get to each one of these points one by one to understand them better.

i) Spice up your trash can


If you have a metal mesh trash can, you can use your old journal and books to cover all the empty spaces between to make it a little quirky and stylish. It is best if you use images and alphabets in this idea. This way you can spice up a simple mesh, boring, black or grey trash can and can also add a bit of colour to the corner you are keeping it in. 

So, don’t wait up and try it out. Rekindle your old childhood artistic self and start decorating your trashcan with your old journals and books

ii) Become creative 

Remember when we were young and we had that arts and crafts class where we made all sorts of things with paper. Well, you have an abundance of paper with you now. Why don’t you try making fun, cool hats out of it or some decoration item out of it? 

iii) Practice creative writing 

Another cool way to reuse your old journals and books is to fill out all the empty pages with stories. Wake up the author in you and come up with a fun story, horror story, fiction story, even a romantic story to fill out all the empty pages in your journal. Clearly, it sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

iv) Pull out all the blank papers 

If you are thinking of what to do with all the empty pages in your old journals, worry not. We got you covered. Pull all the empty pages out of every journal and divide them into a batch of the same sizes. Take these pages to a binding store and rebuild a new journal out of all your old journals using those empty pages. 

v) Scan all the important stuff

Now, there might be a case that some of these journal pages are very close to your heart, which is stopping you to discard them. Well! There is a way. Today, we all have smartphones. Why don’t you download a cam scanner and scan all those pages and then discard them? Sounds exciting right. This way you can save it all up on your choice of cloud storage and have it always with you. 

vi) Become artistic 

Usually, journals contain a lot of information that comes right from your heart. What’s better than using these heartfelt things to decorate your room or a workspace. Have your thoughts framed and hang them on a wall. This way you can remind yourself of your thoughts. 

vii) Brush up your origami skills 

Who among us has never tried origami in life? I can bet that most of us have once in our life has had a chance to try out our hands in origami. Now that you have a lot of useless pages, you can again give your origami skills a shot. Try making flowers, dinosaurs, and even cranes using these pages. 

vii) Enjoy Bonfire 

Another way of recycling these journals is to throw them in a bonfire. We all know that it may seem wasteful but it can do the job very well. However, make sure that you pull out all the blank pages and burn only the ones that have been used. 

ix) Donate your books 

Coming to recycling your old books. The best thing for you to do with them is to donate them. Donating books can help the needed and can also make lives of people more knowledgeable. So, find the right place for you to donate your books and call them. Ask them to collect the lot of books you have to donate. But before you call them, make sure that you sort the lot into the ones you want to keep and the ones that you need to donate. 

These clearly are great ways to recycle and reuse your old journals and books. So, we hope this article helped you find the right way to recycle and reuse your books and journals. 

These clearly are great ways to recycle and reuse your old journals and books. So, we hope this article helped you find the right way to recycle and reuse your books and journals. 

Getting Rid of Your Old Journals

Moreover, you can definitely consider recycling your old journals. Recycling can become simple when you start thinking about the different components of the same. 

  • Metal & plastic coils 
  • Plastic covers
  • Cardboard covers 
  • Paper 
  • Leather covers

These are a few things that a journal comprises. Depending on what kind of material it is made from, you can plan the recycling process.  For example, if you have metal and plastic coils, there is an advanced recycling system that allows you to throw the paper along with the metal-bound together. Later, these parts will be disassembled and the parts will be used during the recycling process.

Coming to plastic covers, these need to be removed and put into a recycling bin while you are discarding your old journals. Unlike these plastic covers, cardboard covers need to be left with journals while disposing of them off since they are often processed by recyclers in a similar manner. Next, if you have a leather cover journal, you can reuse it by getting rid of the paper inside and replacing it with the new ones. 

So, if you are looking for a way to dispose of and discard your old journals make sure you do that right. Since there are so many things that you can do with your old journals as we mentioned above. So, wait no longer and follow these ways to reuse, recycle, and discard your old journals. 

Looking for Ways to Upcycle Your Old Diary into a Journal

Materials required 

  • An old hardcover notebook (or book) 
  • Recycled office paper 
  • A large piece of decorative scrapbook paper 
  • 2 thick cardboard strips 
  • Leather cover or hardcover for the journals 
  • Craft glue
  • Glue brush
  • Glue stick
  • Sharp knife
  • Paper cuter
  • Ruler 


i) Remove the old pages from the notebook and journal cover.

ii) Cover the old diary cover with scrapbook paper or use the leather cover straight away

iii) Make the pages of the right size 

iv) Attach all the pages with cover using glue or glue stick

These are the 4 steps that you need to follow when you are planning to reuse and upscale your old journals and notebooks. 

Here, in this article, we have all the information on recycling, reusing, and upscaling all your old journals and notebooks. We hope you liked the article and will try some of these techniques.

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